Beecher, Dunbar & Pembine

The communities of Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine are located about 80 miles north of Green Bay, in the beautiful northwoods of waterfall-rich Marinette County.

The Wisconsin northwoods is a scenic paradise for nature lovers of all types. Plus, it’s a haven for sportsmen and women who love to hunt and fish. Well-managed and woodsy trails provide a fantastic get-away for snowmobilers, ATV enthusiasts and horseback riders.

The area offers some of the finest public recreation areas in the Midwest, with acres of public hunting land and miles of rivers and streams.

Children from the 3 towns are educated in one location, N18775 Sauld St., Pembine. The mission of the school is to work with students, parents, staff, and the community, promoting growth and pride in learning. The district promises all students will receive respect, encouragement, and opportunities, in hopes of finding the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to join a successful career and become honorary members of our society for years to come.

Beecher, Dunbar & Pembine Area School Information

School NameCityGrade RangeRating
Pembine Elementary School
Pembine High School
Pioneer Christian School
Pioneer Christian School