Carney & Nadeau

The village of Carney is located on U.S. 41 in Menominee County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Inside this small farming community is the 280-acre Treichel’s tree farm where over 85,000 Christmas trees grow. Maple syrup is made from the maple trees on the farm.

Carney is named after Frederick Carney, whose warehouse was located in the village. The village was a railroad stop back in the day when railroads played an integral role in transporting goods and people across the region. According to the 2010 census, the village is home to 192 people living in 83 households. Horse shows and rodeo events are held at the Carney Rodeo Grounds.

Carney is located in the township of Nadeau. Nadeau is named after Bruno (Barney) Nadeau, whose claim to fame is the ownership of the first farm in the area. The town is located in Menominee County.

Carney and Nadeau share a school system, the home of the wolves.

Carney & Nadeau Area School Information

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Carney-Nadeau School