Forest Park

The Forest Park School District has a commitment to empower students, parents and community to pursue their potential by creating opportunities to acquire essential skills through exploratory avenues of intellectual, creative and social growth.
Forest Park Elementary, Middle, and High School are located in one building in Crystal Falls, Michigan. The school is the home of the Trojans.

Crystal Falls is known for its scenic river walk, historic, castle-like courthouse and public golf course. The water of Crystal Falls spills from the Paint River and is one hint of the outdoor beauty and recreational opportunities in the region. Camping, fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling are all popular in these scenic surroundings.

The end of September and beginning of October are the peak times to observe the stunning fall colors, either on the road or from the water of an inland lake. The city gained notoriety in 1992 when a giant fungus (covering more than 30 acres, much of it underground) was found living in a nearby forest. It’s believed to be one of the largest and oldest living organisms on earth, and its discovery launched the annual Humungus Fungus Fest.

Downtown revitalization efforts have preserved the history of the area and rehabilitated the facilities for the Harbour House Museum, Good Times Contemporary Center (youth center), and Crystal Theatre.

Forest Park Area School Information

School NameCityGrade RangeRating
Forest Park School
Crystal FallsK-125