Wausaukee & Amberg

Wausaukee and Amberg are located in the center of Marinette County. History tells of the communities’ links to logging and granite mining. Amberg was named after William Amberg of the Amberg Granite Company. Learn more by visiting the Amberg Museum complex. Wausaukee was founded by John S. Monroe to support the logging industry.

The communities offer recreational opportunities, including hunting, fishing, hiking and sightseeing. Marinette County is known as the “Waterfalls Capital of Wisconsin,” and Dave’s Falls, located about a mile south of Amberg, is one of the reasons. Enjoy the breathtaking view! The park offers a picnic area, restrooms and a playground.

The Wausaukee School District is the home of the Rangers. The school is located at N11941 Highway 141 in Wausaukee.

The mission of the Wausaukee School District is to engage students, families, staff, school administration and all community stakeholders to act as a single entity in building a sustainable educational institution to support learning through excellence in programs, processes and delivery. Individuals will develop academic and personal mastery skills to support lifelong learning and fulfill their potential within a global community.

Wausaukee & Amberg Area School Information

School NameCityGrade RangeRating
Academy of the Immaculata
Wausaukee Elementary School
Wausaukee High School
Wausaukee Junior High School